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Diamond Cuts

Trilliant? Trielle? Triangular brilliant? Sometimes it can seem like gemstones and diamonds come in trillions of different shapes or cuts. We thought this brilliant diamond cuts cheat sheet might be helpful...
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Diamond Trade-up Program

Brown Goldsmiths’ is proud to offer a generous Diamond Trade-up Program for all major diamonds we have sold. Diamond stud earrings and diamond solitaire pendants all qualify, as do all...
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The Brown Goldsmiths Earring Club

We all love rewards. No matter the system – stamps, stickers, points or punch holes, when we earn enough of the identified “checks,” we feel like we  have won the lottery!...
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Community Gems

Anyone who has visited Maine knows…for a fairly big state, it is actually quite small. There really are six degrees of separation between residents (and sometimes even visitors). We try to...
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