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Anna Beck Designs, Inc

Anna Beck began out of love and deep appreciation for Bali, an island rooted in tradition and gratitude.

At Anna Beck, traditional Balinese jewelry techniques are used by skilled artisans who create each piece by hand, sometimes taking up to three days to make from start to finish. Made with love and precision, every Anna Beck piece is unique and one of a kind. The commitment to quality and tradition is at the heart of our work.

In the spirit of local tradition, each piece is blessed with a Balinese offering of love and gratitude. It is our gift to you, your gift to yourself, and your gift to others.


Being of service is the path to mutual happiness.

We believe in the importance of contributions to communities as a professional cornerstone and use this to inform our decisions in all aspects. As purveyors of exploration, we often encounter those along our journey who are fighting tooth and nail to create a more just world. It is our commitment to help these people in any way we can.

Protecting orphaned elephants in Africa – Save The Elephants

Anna Beck created this charity capsule collection to help raise funds for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Orphan Project. 30% of all proceeds go towards supporting growth of young elephants who have lost their parents to poaching, malnourishment or natural causes. Each piece helps us honor our commitment to serving those without a voice.

Supporting safe and healthy births in Bali – Circle of Life

The circle of life is designed to symbolize the sacredness of human life. This collection was created in partnership with the Bumi Sehat Foundation, with 30% of all proceeds going to help provide emergency care for expectant mothers.