From Brown Goldsmith experts

3 Summer Jewelry Uh-oh’s

  1. Bling on the Beach – Even silky fine beach sand can scratch just about any jewelry. Imagine the damage that climbing rugged rocks along the shore could inflict on a treasured ring or bracelet. Certain gems – diamonds, rubies and sapphires, and a few others – do have greater hardness than most rocks or sand. Even the hardest gemstones can be chipped or nicked, while their platinum, gold or silver settings can be weakened by abrasion and scratching. Why risk a frolicking tumble in the surf that might whisk a beloved jewel into the waves forever? (Note: settings with small accent gems naturally require lighter weight prongs and are especially vulnerable.) *

  1. Leave Rings Out of it – (the Garden, that is) – I know, I know! We used to wear gloves in the garden too. Still do! But have you tried thinning carrots while wearing gloves? Off they come! Besides, those grimy gloves are as good as sandpaper after only a short roll-up-your-sleeves stint in the rich garden dirt. Even while supposedly protected by gloves, gems and settings can be scratched or otherwise damaged during gardening, or similar enticing activities.*

  1. Pearls and Sunscreen – Besides diminishing a pearls’ glorious luster, sunscreen (lotions and perfumes, too) can attack the porous organic surface of these lovelies, leaving them permanently damaged. Gently tell them how special they are, though they will miss today’s outing, then carefully store them to avoid scratching while you head for the hills or shore. (Other porous, soft, or otherwise delicate gems, such as turquoise, lapis, amber, are susceptible to damage when exposed certain lotions, creams or cleaners and require special care.) *

*     Before heading to the beach, hills, or any other non-jewelry adventure, give special thought to a consistent safe place or practice so your treasures will remain secure. Stop by before your next special date, journey – or anytime – for a complimentary professional check-up and cleaning to keep your jewelry sparkling and secure. Enjoy a fresh-baked cookie while you’re here.