From Brown Goldsmith experts

The perfect gifts for different stages of your relationship

Whether you have just started dating, are thinking about engagement, or have been married 30 years, we have some fun suggestions for you (or for you to kindly “hint” to your partner – wink wink).

X1611 Sterling Silver Hammered Circle Necklace

It’s her birthday but you’ve only been dating 6 months? How about the Tiny Mobius Necklace and Pendant or the Ripples Open Circle Necklace and Pendant. Both are simple, sweet and perfect for every day wear.


You’ve been dating quite awhile, she’s definitely the one, but you need a bit more time to make it perfect? Whether it’s Valentines Day, Christmas, or the Anniversary of your first date, there will inevitably be a need for a “bigger” gift but not THE gift. What about our fun gold fireworks studs  to let her know your heart is still exploding when you see her? If gold isn’t her thing, these multi colored oval earrings  will definitely buy you some time!


You’re thinking about asking THE question, or you’re hoping it will happen soon? We could suggest engagement rings all day! Like these , but we would love to sit down with you, ease your nerves, hear your story, answer your questions, and help you make an educated choice that fulfills all of your criteria. It’s what we love to do.

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Mother’s Day is approaching and this is the year for something special? Mom truly only wants a hug, maybe a homemade card, and if she’s lucky enough, breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. But why not get her something she’ll treasure this year? Our gold bangle bracelets are available in 14K, rose or white gold and they can be customized for Mom. Add an engraving, gemstomes, or even children’s birthstones to make this a gift fit uniquely for her.


The kids are married, the garden and golf course are seeing much more of you, the grandchildren are the greatest gift you have ever been given, and now it’s time to say “we did it!”? Our Signature Embrace Ring embodies a life together. Two strands of precious metal intertwine to symbolize your life together and encircle a gemstone that is unique to your relationship. Something like this or this .


We hope these suggestions spark some ideas for you, and we are always happy to answer your questions online, by phone or meet you in person. Please stay in touch.