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Pyrite Kite Drop Earrings

Truly unique in its reflective appearance, the new seasonal semi-precious stone, Pyrite, embodies beauty in its most natural form. The rose facet...
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Grey Sapphire Hexagon Stud Earrings

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Grey Sapphire, imparts cool elegance into the season. The angular shapes and rose facets compliment the stone’s natural striations. Set in a...
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Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Leverback Earrings

These unique Pink Tourmaline earrings in 14kt yellow gold measure 4.5mm round and hang beautifully with diamond accents. #393212

Blue Topaz and White Gold Earrings

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These Blue Topaz earrings rest in 3-prong white gold settings. They measure 7.0mm and are cut in the round checkerboard style. #393159

Citrine & Yellow Gold Stud Earrings

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The golden color of these 7.0mm Citrine earrings is highlighted by the round checkerboard cut and complimented by the 14kt yellow gold...
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Amethyst and Yellow Gold Earrings

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Amethyst and 14kt yellow gold stud earrings (7.0 mm) in a three-prong setting. Also available in 5.5mm. #393157

Peridot and Yellow Gold Earrings

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These 7.0mm round checkerboard Peridot (August birthstone) earrings rest in 14kt yellow gold 3-prong settings. Also available in 5.5mm. #393037

Blue Topaz and Gold Dangle Earrings

These round checkerboard Blue Topaz stunners are approximately 6.0mm in three prong 14kt yellow gold settings. #393156

Green Tourmaline & White Gold Earrings

These rare Green Tourmalines are antique cushion checkerboard earrings measuring 5.0mm. They are beautifully placed in white gold bezel settings and compliment...
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Amethyst and White Gold Stud Earrings

6.0 mm Amethyst studs in antique cushion checkerboard cut and 14kt white gold bezel setting. #393199