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Crown Knot Bracelet

This sophisticated 14K gold bracelet is one of the carefully crafted handmade chains from our Signature Collection. Shown in a...
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Turkish Rope Bracelet

A classic and sophisticated bracelet from our Signature Collection. This bracelet is a meticulously handmade 18K gold chain that is...
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Hammered Link© Bracelet

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An array hand-fabricated oval and round link necklaces and bracelets can join to vary style and length. Hammered for casual...
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Single Cross Cuff

Wire-rimmed gold plated and sterling silver single cross cuff. #265138 Dimensions: 3/4″ W

Sterling Silver Blue Quartz Cuff Bracelet

Sterling silver blue quartz cuff. Dimensions: 3/8″ W

Sterling Silver Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Sterling silver small divided cuff with smooth sterling silver rim. Dimensions: 1/2″ W

The Compass Rose© Spin Bracelet

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The Compass Rose “Spin” bracelet a timeless reminder of guidance, direction, and finding one’s way. Gold and/or Diamond spacers connect...
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Galaxy Bangle©

A sprinkle of sapphires in glorious hues, shimmer in our own subtly bespangled oval 7mm wide bangle bracelet. Special for...
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Silhouette Bracelet©

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Twinkling diamonds sparkle with understated flair in this sculpted anticlastic cuff bracelet from our upstairs workshop. Gracefully flared with dimensional...
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Mobius Bangles©

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Mobius: an endless surface with only one side and one edge, this symbol of the infinite is availabled in two...
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Small Circle Bracelet

Small Circle Bracelet, Sterling and 18k Gold From the Classic Collection Item No: 3-410  

Circle Bracelet

David Wysor Circle Bracelet in Sterling and 18 Karat Gold. From the Classic Collection Item No: 3-411  

Windows Cuff Bracelet

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Sterling Silver Geometric Windows Cuff Bracelet

Woven Cuff Bracelet

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Sterling silver twist cuff bracelet. Style #264668


ATHOS: Small does not mean weak or insignificant – that is the clear message from the ‘Athos’. Multiple links in...
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CREST Inspired by waves, and the energy where the ocean meets the land, the ‘Crest’ is a simple but striking...
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