Heirloom Jewelry – Restoration to Metamorphosis

Jewelry’s significance far exceeds its intrinsic merit. Priceless memories, relationships and emotion contribute to its meaning and value.

“What can we do with this?”

Every week, at least one or two animated customers pose this apparent puzzle. Some are stymied about great-grandmother’s brooch, an out-of-date ring, or an heirloom bracelet. Others shyly reveal family diamonds, or other gemstones, whose condition or setting seems beyond repair.

To be safely worn and enjoyed, it’s fairly common for a well-loved treasure – perhaps newly-acquired – to need restoration or restyling. It’s a privilege for us to work with family members to transform a beloved – or even challenging – heirloom into a creation that can be worn and shared, capturing and updating personal and ancestral stories, making connections with our pasts. See more about our process for designing custom pieces for you.

Among our services:

  • Heirloom cleaning, checking and repair
  • Heirloom redesign consultation
  • New creations with family gemstones
  • New creations utilizing components of family jewelry
  • Repairs, restoration and reproduction of heirloom jewelry
  • Pearl & Bead Restringing
  • Gemstone Identification service

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